How do I get to Boquete?
I know some people take cheaper flights into San Jose, Costa Rica (airport code - SJC) and it is an interesting adventure.  However, if this is your first time travelling here, I wouldn't recommend it.  Why?  Because for the most part you would have to stay in Costa Rica for the night and then flight out the next day.  Also, you would have to go through customs twice.  Once in Costa Rica and then again upon your arrival to Panama.

I would recommend that you fly into Panama City (airport code - PTY).  Then you have a couple of choices.

1 - Take a taxi to the regional airport (airport code - PAC) cost is about 35.00 which includes tolls.  Fly from PAC to David (pronounced Dahveed) airport code - DAV.  There is only one airline flying to David and that is Air Panama.  Their website is

2 - Take a taxi to Allbrook bus terminal.  The buses leave every hour at a cost of 15.25 per person to David.  The ride is about 7 hours long and does make a stop in or around Santiago for food or a nice time to stretch your legs.  Have a sweater handy as the bus gets cold!

When you arrive in David by bus, you can either hop on a bus that goes straight to Boquete (buses normally leave every 20 minutes to Boquete).  I believe the cost is 1.75 per person.  You do not have to buy a ticket to get on the bus to Boquete.  They will take your fare partway through the ride. - Or - take a taxi from the bus or airport terminals to Boquete at a cost of around 25.00. 

Expect a long travel day.....but it's worth it!