Ready to soak your bones?  Take a drive to Caldera (about a 25 minute drive from Boquete) and relax.  The hot springs in Caldera is very rustic.  Once you arrive by car it is a quick 15 minute walk.

If you get too hot, which you will, walk down to the Rio Chiriqui for a nice refreshing dip.
Rinse/Repeat.  New occupant at the springs - "Cheetah" a spider monkey.  Be watchful of your belongings as he will try and take your clothes the moment  you turn your back.  Please don't feed him.  He will get close but don't be  scared, he's actually pretty friendly.  You will have a ton of photo ops which is always great.  :)

There are about 4 different springs that you can rest into.  The fee to enter the springs is 2.00 per person.  You will be asked if you would like the "family special" spring in which case the fee is 5.00 a person.  Don't do it.  It is closest to the river, but the water isn't as hot and it is "plumbed" with PVC pipes which doesn't give me the warm and fuzzies.  Stick to the other ones.  Also, because it is so hot, bring water (or beer!) but please don't leave any trash behind.