Honestly, I've never been more impressed with customer service in my life as I have been in Boquete.

When we first moved here, we went some time without a vehicle.  There is a bus stop a block from the house. Buses and taxis ride by here often.  If we needed to be someplace at a specific time, we would call a taxi for pick up....otherwise, we would wait until one drove by.  The cost of a bus ride into town is 1.25.  A taxi "collectivo" ride or shared ride is 1.50.  It's not expensive to use public transporation and it's pretty efficient here.  

After about a year, we decided to go ahead and purchase a vehicle.  We didn't want a new car (as it would only get banged up), so we opted for a 1995 Toyota 4-Runner.  Parts and labor here are plentiful for it.

As with any older vehicle, it needed some work.  First, the radiator was leaking.  Don took the car to Franklin who has an auto repair shop in town, on the side road, next to Los Establos.  They discussed the problem and Don left being told that it would be fixed by the next day.  Not knowing the cost of the fix, Don shook hands and left.

Most if not all places in the US, if you have a radiator leak, you buy a new radiator.  Weren't we surprised when Franklin had the radiator pulled and sent it off to someone in David to weld it, sent it back and Franklin re-installed a non-leaking radiator back into the vehicle within 24 hours.  Cost - $90.00.

Don also needed a doohicky of some sort for the car.  He went into the auto parts store in town (main street, on the corner next to Mandarin) and asked about the part.  The man there had the part, but neither one of them could be sure just which one would fit the car.  In normal cases of the US as this, you would buy both of them and return the next day to get a refund for one them.  Not in Boquete.  The man asked Don to pay for one of the parts, take them both and bring back the one that didn't fit when he got a chance.  :) 

Giovanna at Cable & Wireless.  Whenever we have a problem or need help with an issue, I don't know how she does it, but she is a miracle worker.  One of the nicest, hardest working people and  goes above and beyond.  She makes ours (and many others) lives easier.

Ben and Joan were in Panama City late at night and rented a car from the airport to drive home to Boquete.  They got turned around and couldn't seem to find their way out of a paper bag...I say that with love as I know PC can be difficult at best if you really don't know your way around.  They ended up asking a police officer for directions.  The officer nodded to them to follow him.  They followed and the officer stopped after a few miles to speak to another officer.  They were asked to follow this new officer now. This happened again 2 more times.  They had a total of 4 officers helping them to get out of the city.  When they got to the 4th officer, he finally got them to the "Bridge of Americas" and waved them on.  They were never so thankful for help they received that night. 

Being a foreigner in this country has never been so pleasant.  I could keep going on and yes, you always have to look out for "Juego Vivo" here (as you do everywhere) but when you do find the good ones, you don't forget.  Everyone always complains when something negative happens.  Rarely do you see people post about the positives.  It's not done enough.  Time to think about who has helped you lately..